Remscheider HEYCO subsidiary Carl Steinmann Kunststoffverarbeitung GmbH takes over C connect s.r.o.

The HEYCO Group continues their growth through the acquisition of a current supplier: with a retroactive effect from the beginning of 2023, HEYCO subsidiary Carl Steinmann Kunststoffverarbeitung GmbH has acquired Czech supplier C connect s.r.o.. Steinmann is thus significantly expanding its own vertical range of manufacturing capabilities and related expertise, while at the same time, expanding their current customer portfolio.

"C connect s.r.o. and our Carl Steinmann GmbH have been working together successfully for many years, paving the way for the cooperative, age-related succession planning of Mr. Vanek, the managing partner of C connect s.r.o.," as Markus Heynen explains, "The fact that we got the nod here is certainly also due to the excellent relationship between our Mr. Stratemeyer and Mr. Vanek."

Nico Stratemeyer is the Managing Director of Carl Steinmann GmbH and in this role will also be responsible for C connect s.r.o. and its integration into the Group. He sees great synergies between the two companies, but also expects new opportunities for C connect s.r.o. in the manufacturing alliance with HEYCO.

C connect s.r.o. was founded in 1995 by Mr. Vanek and has since steadily grown into a medium-sized manufacturing company with 45 employees and a production area of 1,500 square meters. "I am pleased to be able to continue the business with an experienced team at this very suitable location," added Nico Stratemeyer. The machine processing of plastics, foams and foils as well as screen printing and the assembly of smaller components are among the core competencies of the plant located in the immediate vicinity of Prague. For example, thermal protection mats, seals, plastic parts as well as protective, design and sealing films are produced there. Innovation potential is seen, among other things, in products relating to the accident protection of modern vehicle battery systems.

Previously under the leadership of Heyco senior executive, Mr. Ernst Peter Heynen, Carl Steinmann Kunststoffverarbeitung GmbH was incorporated into the HEYCO Group and integrated into the Remscheid headquarters at Birgden III. The success of this subsidiary in the past decades has enabled this expansion of a second production site.

The HEYCO Group now has two production sites located in the Czech Republic, thereby expanding its commitment in the neighboring country.

Neben dem ursprünglichen Geschäft mit Handwerkzeugen ist die HEYCO-Gruppe heute maßgeblich als Lieferant von Kunststoff- und Schmiedeteilen für die Automobilindustrie bekannt. Zusätzlich wird sie von den Kunden als kompetenter Entwicklungspartner für das Modul- und Systemgeschäft geschätzt.
Die HEYCO-Gruppe ist ein dynamisch wachsendes Unternehmen mit nunmehr 8 Standorten in Deutschland, Europa und den USA. Über 1100 Mitarbeiter entwickeln und fertigen technisch und qualitativ anspruchsvolle Komponenten.

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