Watershields - We produce and offer

Watershield are special products used for protection of car interior against water leakage.
The production consists of more operation: forming, cuting, weldnig, glue application and assembling.
Could be combined with foams, nonvowens, etc.)

Watershields can provide the following protection for the car:
water leakage protection, soundproofing, vibration insulation


These parts are usually made of die cut PP or PE foil (100-300 microns) with adhesive (UV, solvent-based, water-based) applied by screen printing


(produced by low heat pressure forming)
These parts are usually made of PP or PE film (100-300 microns). UV, solvent or water-soluble adhesives applied by screen printing. Parts are die-cut.


(produced by vacuum forming)
These parts are usually made of PP, PE film or EPDM, EVA foams by way of vacuum forming. The glue (butyl, hot-melt) is applied by robot.


All these parts can be further completed by applying different foam or felt components in order to improve the noise or vibration protection properties.
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